Transforming Energy Access (TEA)

Transforming Energy Access (TEA) is the flagship Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) research and innovation platform supporting early-stage testing and scale-up of innovative technologies and business models that accelerate access to affordable, clean and modern energy, enabling sustainable, and inclusive growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Indo-Pacific region. This includes clean energy supply technologies (e.g. next generation solar), super-efficient demand solutions (e.g. efficient appliances, sustainable cooling, modern cooking) and smart delivery solutions (e.g. energy storage, green grids, hydrogen). It targets people and enterprises who have no or limited access to clean, modern energy services and limited opportunities to participate in, or benefit from, the energy sector through employment and income generation opportunities. TEA leads on several Ayrton Challenges including ‘Next Generation Solar’, ‘Zero Emissions Generators’, ‘Energy Storage’, ‘Clean Hydrogen’, ‘Inclusive Energy and Leave No One Behind’, ‘Sustainable Cooling for All’ and ‘Energy Efficiency’ (via the LEIA programme), and supports ‘Clean Transport’ and ‘Smart Energy Systems’.